Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

I wasn't planning to attend Girls Camp this summer.  When you are assigned a leadership role over an age group, it takes MONTHS of planning!  During that planning time I am often stressed out and snippy with my family.  I felt it was really important that I spend more time with my children and less time worrying about plans for Girls Camp, so I took a sabbatical this summer.  Or so I thought...

Since we moved here in January 2004, I have been to camp all but 1 summer (because I was due with Travis in July).  So for me to take time away was very difficult.  Despite the stress and the frenzy before camp, the week that we spend with the girls makes up for everything.  I know what it takes to make a successful camp, so I helped my friend Amber with her preparations as YCL leader.  We spent weeks on projects, including the biggest yet - The Book of Mormon reenactment.  We had help from our husbands and other members of our ward to plan for this event.  I enjoyed it because I knew it wasn't my project and I was just a "helper".  Having that role gave me much less stress than if I were planning to spend the week at camp and it be on my shoulders to begin with.

It was Sunday (the day before they headed to camp) and things were starting to get a bit crazy.  The Stake felt they needed a bit more hands to help around camp.  So at 8:45pm - the night before camp - I got a phone call inviting me to spend the week as Stake staff.  My job was to go where they needed help - for wards, the YCLs, 4th years, river duty, whatever!  Of course I accepted and ran to Walmart at midnight to shop for food for my family for the week.  I packed everything up and Jake and I headed to camp Monday morning.

Some may think I'm crazy, but I think Jake caught a glimpse of why I put myself through everything.  It is amazing to see the growth of so many girls.  I also take seriously the fact that I may be one of the only contacts some girls have with feeling and recognizing the Spirit.  I love to see our Heavenly Father's hand in simple things.  It's truly amazing.

Amber's hubby, Frank went to camp as the Priesthood rep for the whole week.  I think he has nearly talked Jake into going with him for the entire week next year.  He too saw what Amber and I have witnessed for years.  All of the threats of not letting us attend next year because of the frenzy before camp dissipated.  Miracles occurred and we were all part of it.

I want to share about one of the experiences we helped facilitate on the last day.  My next few posts will be long, but will give you an idea of what we saw and felt!!!

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