Monday, June 28, 2010

In Tune

The majority of our readers are LDS and can easily understand what I am talking about in the coming story.  But for those that are not familiar with our lingo, I'll try to explain...  As latter-day Saints we know that our "conscience" is actually the Holy Ghost (yes, one of the trinity) prompting or reminding us what we inherently know.  Everyone is entitled to spiritual promptings here and there to testify, lead and guide us.  Those that have been baptized members of the LDS church then receive the gift of the Holy Ghost - meaning we have that gift with us ALL the time, not just on occasion.  And with this gift, when we are worthy and in tune, we are guided in ways that can keep us on the path back to our Father in Heaven.

So yesterday in Senior Primary, we didn't have an assigned talk.  Thankfully it was the older kids so the president asked if there were any volunteers to share an experience they have had where the Spirit has helped them.  Immediately Brad raised his hand and was chosen to give his experience.

Firstly, I was shocked that Brad would be so willing to give an impromptu talk.  I guess he's more like me than I ever thought - willing to speak whenever needed or asked.  Secondly, I was impressed that he could think of an experience that quickly!  We try to teach our children to recognize the Spirit in their lives, but I didn't know how seriously he ever took those little lessons.  So I was eager to hear what he had to share.

He shared that one time he was riding bikes with Wyatt and Jake on the trails behind the high school.  He said that he was riding fast and approaching a pretty sharp turn when he felt the Spirit tell him to stop.  As he obeyed he saw a few other bikers coming the other direction.  Had he not listened, he would have crashed into them and likely hurt everyone involved.

Wow!  I tear up just thinking about him sharing the experience.  He never shared this story with me before so I was grateful that he shared it with the primary and that I was there to hear it.  I'm grateful that he takes the time to stop and listen - even while having fun!

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teresa said...

Wow...where's my never know when they are actually listening and learning...