Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Silly Bandz Craze

Some of us remember when Jelly Bracelets were so awesome.  They didn't mean anything to us - they were just cool to collect and wear.  It was cool stuff if you had more blacks and purples than any of the others.  We linked them together or wore them as singles.  It was definitely a fad...

...much like Silly Bandz.  Who knew that plastic jelly bracelets would go silicone and in the shape of animals, tools, shapes, college mascots, etc.???  Of course Travis loves them and asked for a few for his birthday.  These are just 2 packs - VT and Tools.  Maybe it's his small arms that make it look like he has tons on there.

I'm sure the elementary schools will have rules against these crazy bracelets this year.  So hopefully kids are getting their fill of them this summer!!

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Becky said...

Hands down the coolest craze ever was "slap bracelets!" Back when you could give a kid a bendable piece of metal to slap their wrist with. I loved those things! I always got them at the dentist.