Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Last week we celebrated Travis' 4th birthday!  It was a great day because 1, we had our great friends (the Dzmuras) in for a visit and 2, it was our turn to host Family Home Evening.  Our evening automatically had a party built into it.

It's quite weird to think that our baby is now 4 years old.  The day before he was born I had harassed my OB about my contractions all day.  It ended up that I was just dehydrated and needed fluids.  As soon as I had had an IV for a few hours the contractions stopped.  Thankfully the doctor went ahead and broke my water.  That was at 7:30am and Travis came into the world at 12:16pm.  He was my easiest labor and delivery, as well as recovery!!!  

Baby Tivvy was welcomed into our family immediately.  His brothers LOVED him.  Too bad they don't always think so highly of him now that he gets into their stuff!!!  Travis definitely brings some craziness into the family.  He is very loving and cuddly, but also loud and rambuncious.  We love him!!!

Travis wanted white cupcakes with strawberry frosting.  I added the chocolates too since we were having so many people over for dinner.

Travis made out on gifts...  He got something from the Pearsons, the Bennetts, the Dzmuras, Prune (Sister Krentz) and us.  The Elders were over for dinner too and got to share in the birthday fun.

Travis proudly holds up his iPod.  He was even happier when he found that I had loaded American Ride by Toby Keith too.

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Life Happens said...

Happy Bday Travis! Looks like he had fun. Yummy cupcakes!