Saturday, July 24, 2010

Air & Space Museum

I need to say thanks to good friends that don't like to sit around the house all the time.  Our British friend, Lisa called to see if we'd like to join her and the kids at the Air & Space Museum.  Kim and the kids were still in town and we were tired of staying home, so we jumped on the idea.

We got to the Museum around 11am - and there were hardly any people there.  It was awesome.  We made the rounds as the kids (boys especially) marveled at all of the planes and copters.

The boys: Mason, Wyatt, Joel, Brad & Travis

In the IMAX theater waiting for the movie Fighter Pilot to begin.  You can see Hannah at the end facing all of the kids.We sure had a crew!

Ella poses with Mason and Wyatt in front of the big plane.

Toward the end of our visit we saw some interactive learning stations.  The kids learned more about the space suits and were able to try on boots and gloves.

It was a lot of fun.  I think the best part was that the kids were worn out after it all.  To be honest, I was slammed too.  I'm amazed at what museums can do to zap energy.  The kids were great and seemed to have fun with the 3 different families together.  Maybe we can do it again sometime!