Friday, August 13, 2010

Is it time yet?

Here are a few of my favorite images this time of year. 
I'm amazed at how long summer can be.  Who thought it was a good idea to have kids out of a routine for nearly 3 months???  It's a fact that kids lose some of what they learned the year previous after such a long break.  Of course if parents would spend more time reading, reviewing flashcards, having quizzes, limiting TV and video games, etc it wouldn't be a problem. Oh wait, I'm one of those lame parents that doesn't do any of that!!!  I also recall that I chose to send my kids to public school rather than home school.  So my solution is to send the kids back sooner - that way I can continue to be a lame parent and they can actual enjoy being kids!!!

I'm sure my children think less of me after this summer. My patience was pushed to its limits.  Brad and Wyatt learned exactly what buttons to push to make my head spin and flames shoot out of my eyes!!!  Hopefully I can turn back into a decent Mom once they've been in school for a few weeks.  Heaven help us if we have another horrendous winter like last year again!!!

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Carol Currence said...

I love reading your blog!