Friday, September 17, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football???

This fall is a bit different from those of the past.  Usually our falls are full of baseball practices and games, but this year Brad thought he'd try something new.  This is the first year he's old enough to play tackle football, so he thought he'd give it a go.

I admit I wasn't keen on the idea only because I didn't think he'd stick it out and that he would whine the entire season.  (See, our boys are not the most resilient when it comes to pain!)  Well I was wrong!  After the 1st week of practice, Brad has LOVED it!  He enjoys having practice every day so he can get his frustrations out on others!  And his coach is AWESOME!  I really think Brad's confidence has grown since he began this season.  I wonder if Coach can help with Brad's math confidence too???

Here are pictures from the 2nd game against the Eagles.
Warming up before the game!  Brad is the 2nd smallest kid on the team, but it hasn't seemed to stop him!

Go #33!  Go Panthers!

Unfortunately where the sun was located and because our camera is oh-so-awesome, I couldn't get too many pictures.  Maybe I can get more as the season progresses.