Monday, September 27, 2010

A New Phase

I have been active with Girls Camp now for 5 of the last 6 years.  I love it despite the stress and work it takes to prepare for a week with teenage girls.  It helps me get my fill of girls and reminds me that I'm grateful to have 3 boys and that I don't have to deal with hormones! :)  Despite my love for the other women I work with and the girls I serve, it's time to face a new phase in my life.

With 3 boys it was inevitable that I would end up serving in Cub Scouts at some point.  I remember when Brad was 3 and Wyatt was 1 and Jake was a den leader.  I made the statement that I never wanted to serve in Cub Scouts (but in the back of my mind I knew I couldn't avoid it with sons).

Brad has been involved now for 2 years.  I decided to help out with our counsel's Twilight Camp (evening camp for all Cub Scout aged boys) this summer.  It was nothing major, I just took on a craft project, helped check boys in and out and assisted wherever needed.  During that week I had heard rumor that the Program Director was looking to retire and needed someone to fill her shoes.  I consciously thought that I would not do something like that to add more stress to my life but instantly found myself talking to the Camp Director about it.  (Why do I do it to myself???)

I reluctantly talked to Jake about my idea of being the Program Director because I wasn't sure how he would react to me being involved in one more thing.  I explained that my role would be to come up with and execute the daily activities of camp.  Surprisingly he was indifferent to my involvement.  I later learned that I would need to go through a weekend training and commit to serve as Director for 5 years.  As I continued to ponder and pray whether I should take on this task, I kept feeling a bit conflicted.

Finally I realized what the issue was - Girls Camp.  I knew that if I committed myself to Program Director I would have to give up Girls Camp.  After praying one night for a confirmation of my feelings, it popped into my head that I needed to be where my children were - in Cub Scouts.  Once that thought entered my mind, I have had no problems with saying goodbye to Girls Camp.

Sure I will miss my friends and the girls, but I'll make new friends and I'll have a whole slew of boys.  Since this decision I have jumped into Scouting with both feet.  I am currently trying to organize our pack so that it runs more smoothly with more parental involvement.  I also plan to attend Wood Badge training this spring!

I look forward to learning and growing with my 3 boys.  I am excited as I embark on this new phase of life!!!


Life Happens said...

Yay for new adventures! I think you will learn so much, along with your boys. I'm sure girls camp will not be the same without your creative ideas!

The Peterson's said...

That sounds exciting. Derek and I are the new Wolf leaders, so if you have any fun/cheap den activities PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! I would happy with any sugestions. I know you'll be great!