Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Camping

Our good friends, the Millers told us about the weeks leading up to Halloween at their favorite camp site in Gettysburg. (Yes, this is the same site we stayed at earlier in the summer.)  For the past 4 years or so, they had been camping Halloween weekend and enjoying the festivities of fellow campers.  This year they decided to try for the weekend before so that Riley (their daughter) could still trick-or-treat at home if she wished.  So they invited us to share in the fun.

Personally I have never camped any after August, but Jake has a few cold camp outs.  Well this was one to put on the list.  Friday night was chilly!  It got down to about 28 degrees.  Good thing it was toasty in our sleeping bags.  It was crispy and cold when we got up Saturday morning, but as the day wore on it warmed into the 70s.  Saturday night was much warmer (about 50) so we didn't freeze again!

When Teresa and Vernon decided to change weekends to camp, they made sure they got a good spot.  This site is a single camper site, but was plenty big for our tent and lots of running around.  And because we were at the end of the road, the kids could play in the road and across in the little area where most people let their dogs poop.  Somehow the kids played hide-and-seek (even though there weren't a ton of hiding places) and found other ways to entertain themselves.

The rock in front of our tent was a huge source of entertainment.  The kids spent hours on that thing!

Notice the bend in the road?  That is where it begins to loop back the other direction - and we were in that little nook.  There were campers ALL OVER the camp ground.  It was nice to see so many people out enjoying the awesome fall weather.

Saturday morning, Teresa, Vernon and I headed into town to get some groceries for the day.  Jake stayed back at the site with the kids and carved the pumpkins.  Brad carved the spider, Wyatt did the headless horseman and Riley did the witch.  Later Jake added the VT on the back of Brad's spider.

After Jake and the kids gutted the pumpkins, they saved some of the innards for us.  Teresa and I spent a while sifting through the guts to save some of the seeds.  Later that night we tossed them on the foil covered grill and "roasted" them over the fire.  There weren't bad - but not as good as putting them in the oven!

And yes, my hair is quite dark.  I didn't mean for it to go that way - it was supposed to be a medium brown.  Well, I guess my hair sucked all of the color and made it a DARK brown.  Guess I'll be a brunette for a while.


Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

I like the dark! Reminds me of my dark days a couple years back to cover up the orange mistake I made! I've decided to go au-natural. The greys are a shining through...bring it on!!

Life Happens said...

Looks like a fun camping trip!! I love the dark hair too!