Monday, October 25, 2010

Travis' First Field Trip

 Travis had his very first Field Trip.  It was to a local Apple Orchard and Farm.  
As we waited for the rest of his classmates to arrive, we saw the owner of the orchard trot up on his horse.   I had Travis look over at him and asked what he was.  Travis said, "He's a grandpa in a cowboy outfit!"  
I'm sure he is a grandpa, but he's also a true cowboy!

 This is the owner and his horse.  (Travis and I can't remember the horse's name.)

 Travis looks for a pumpkin that he likes...

 Unfortunately the owner had an accident while tending to one of his animals earlier in the summer.  He ended up with a broken leg and was not able to take care of the apples like he normally did.  This year all of the apples were "organic" because he wasn't able to spray them.  Due to the lack of attention, they didn't have as many apples available, so the kids had to pick them out of a bin.

 We had fun on the wagon ride.

 Travis and his friend Brady.  
It was fun to meet all of Travie's little buddies from class.

 Here are the 8 boys of Mrs. Teutsch's class.

I enjoyed the time with Travis.  He got to run around as he wanted without worrying about having to follow his brothers.  Seems he gets along well with 3 other boys in his class too.  I got to meet all of the moms --- that was interesting because I'm one of the old moms.  Travis is my youngest while most of the boys in the class are the oldest in their families.  

I look forward to more field trips to come.  In another year I will be able to go on trips with all 3 boys as I won't have any more at home to look after!!!


teresa said...

Looks like fun was had by all! Cute pics..

Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

Fun, fun, fun. I am one of the YOUNGER moms here!! These Europeans start LATE on their families, it's crazy. I feel so young.

Life Happens said...

Looks like he had fun! Which pumpkin patch/orchard did you go to?

Shanan said...

We visited Hill High Farms - not far from Marker Miller.