Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wood Badge Beading

Wood Badge training is a commitment that many adult scout leaders get involved with.  It requires a 6 day intense training and camping series as well as a contract completed at home in the months to follow.

The church has asked priesthood leaders of Boy Scouts to be involved in Wood Badge as it teaches leadership skills and how to better work with the youth.  Jake took on this challenge in Fall 2009 and recently completed his ticket.  We attended the Wood Badge reunion where he received his beads.

 Friend and fellow scouter, Gary donned Jake with his new neckerchief and woggle as well as his beads.

 And a happy camper - no pun intended.

Fellow scouters holding their tuits in their mouths.  
Chuck Morrow, Chip Bennett, Jake, Frank Pearson, Gary Huff

As you know from my last post, I've jumped into Cub Scouts with 2 feet.  Part of my "jumping in" I've decided to sign up for Wood Badge.  My training will take place in Spring 2011.  I look forward to what I can learn that can make me a better leader and teacher.  I hope to learn more about myself so that I can better my skills with others.


Life Happens said...

Congrats to Jake! He looks so proud with his certificate!

teresa said...

Way to go Jacob! Proud of you!

Maria said...

Hunter says, "DURRRR. What a parker."