Monday, November 1, 2010

Princess Travie

 The first weekend in October, Travis and I went to Lynchburg so that I could do a Scentsy party for Grammy.  Usually Travis goes out with Grandpa and plays golf and gets ice cream and stuff like that, but Grandpa was out of town.  So instead, Travis was invited to Clay and Jessica's to play with Madison. 

Jess took Maddie to pick out a Redbox movie that they watched while eating popcorn.  (To see pictures of popcorn visit Clay & Jess' blog.)  After watching the movie Maddie put on her pink princess dress.  Jess said that Travis carried the purple one over to her and asked if she could help him put it on.  Jessica's response was, "Sure, but I don't think your daddy would be too happy!"

Yes, I stole these pictures from Jessica.  I couldn't resist having pictures of my son in a dress.  I'm sure we'll use it for blackmail when he's a teenager!

I'm so glad Travis and Madison love each other so much.  I realize they will likely drift apart as they get older, but it sure is fun to see their excitement when they get to see each other.

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Becky said...

Ut oh! Yep, that there is a great black mail pic!