Sunday, October 31, 2010

Millbrook High School Homecoming

This is Alyssa - aka, Wissa.  
I had so much fun with Homecoming this year.  For weeks Alyssa would get online looking at dresses.  All of the missionaries in the area as well as all 3 families involved in our Family Home Evening group helped in the dress picking process.  It came down to a black dress.

So you may be wondering why she has a purple dress on in the picture!  Well the black was not suitable when it came in.  At this point we had a week until the dance.  Since Amber (her mom) works and has a hard time taking time off here and there, I offered to take Alyssa to Nordstrom to return the dress.  We hoped we'd be able to find another to take its place.

Sure enough we found the purple beauty!  And to make it a sweeter deal, it was on Clearance!!!  Alyssa was able to get the dress and necklace and earrings for more than half of the original dress.

Our family joined up with the Pearsons and the Waltons (because Sydney went with Alyssa to the dance) as the girls got ready for the night.  Alyssa sat while Amber curled her hair so she could look like Taylor Swift.  Then it was time for makeup.  Both girls were knockouts when it was all said and done.

I'm grateful that I don't have girls to buy expensive dresses for and deal with drama when things don't go right.  So I'll live through my friends and have fun with their daughters as long as they'll let me.

Love you, Wissa!  Thanks for the fun with Homecoming this year!

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Dzmura's aus Deutschland said...

"Wissa", you look so beautiful!! Love all those curls. Oh, a couple more years and I'll be in the Homecoming situation....ugh!!!