Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More of Beachin' 2010

It was fun having 2 babies in the house again at the beach.  Of course I didn't have one of those babies, so it made my life even easier!!! :)  It reminded me of the year that Travis, Madison and Cameron were all 2 and under.  Cute stuff!

 Grandpa with the babes!  Ian LOVES his Papa!  And Charlotte was so easy going and would hang out with whoever would grab her!  Jake fell in love and has asked Chad and Ginnie to ship her to us.  It hasn't quite panned out yet though!

 Wyatt loves the babies too.  He could get Ian laughing and playing quite hard.

 I believe EVERY child plays with their floaty while it's in the house/condo.  We have pics of each of our boys doing the same thing!  Love it.

 Travis shows off on his mound of sand one evening.

 Brad displays his ability to skim board.  But don't think it was all hunky-dorey!  There was plenty of screaming and yelling and crying too!

 Travis dances!  
Sorry it's blurry, but I wasn't sure how to do all the fancy stuff with the camera!

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