Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Big Egg Hunt

I was pretty excited to be in Lynchburg with family for Easter.  A couple weeks before I began planning out the egg hunt.  I got fun little things to go in the eggs along with candy.  I also got a larger egg for each kid and painted them gold and embellished them with their initials.  In those they got a gold dollar and some other fun stuff.  
After adding the candy, some dimes and quarters, stickers and fruit snacks we ended up with 176 eggs.  I think the hardest part was distributing them around the yard.  I had to keep in mind that the little guys wouldn't be digging in the flower beds for eggs like Brad and Wyatt might.  So I spread them in the yard and then strategically hid a few for Wyatt to make it more fun for him.

 Ian finds a treasure.
He did really well.  He also got help from everyone minus Maddie and Travis as they were too concerned with their own finds.

Do you like their custom baskets???  Well you figure with that many eggs, they needed something easier to hold them all.
By far the most exciting were the eggs with money in them.  I think the kids enjoyed looking for their golden egg too.  It was fun.  I think next year we may do a few less eggs though!

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