Friday, May 6, 2011

Painting Easter Eggs

After going to breakfast on Saturday morning (the day before Easter), we decided to dye some eggs.  It was still dreary outside and we needed to kill some time while the grass dried.  

 We all gathered around Grammy's kitchen island and started working.

 Not only did we have the cups of dye, but we also had little Q-tips with color in them that we could paint with.  I think everyone liked that!  Madison painted an entire egg with only the Q-tip.  

 Best of friends and also cousins!

 Wyatt shows off his egg.


We used the eggs to make deviled eggs for our Easter dinner.  They were delicious - and different colors! 

After lunch Maddie and Ian went home for naps.  Grammy, Wyatt and I also took a bit of a snooze.  Travis wandered around and played until everyone came back for the egg hunt.

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