Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bloomin Mile

Each year, the first weekend in May, Winchester celebrates the Apple Blossom Festival.
For years we went to the fireman's parade on Friday night, but we haven't gone in 2 years because the boys complained that it was too long.  We have never been to the feature parade on Saturday morning though.  But so much more happens with Apple Blossom.  There is a carnival, a circus, all sorts of luncheons and feature attractions.  There are the parades, the 10K run for adults and the Bloomin' Mile for all kids age 6-14.

I wanted Brad to run in the BM last year, but it didn't happen.  So this year he and Wyatt expressed interest and we registered them.  I have to say that they didn't do too badly for their first race ever!

The start of this race is uphill and then it's a pretty big hill down that levels out.  Brad pushed himself a bit to move to the front of the pack while going uphill.  So in the video he was in the front.  But if you notice he isn't looking too hot.  He lost his lead when he had to stop and puke!
Wyatt was middle of the pack in the video (the video is about midway of the downhill run).  He paced himself pretty well and finished up only a handful of people behind Brad.

Out of 176 runners for the 8-9 year age group, Brad came in 14th and Wyatt was 26th (I think).
Not bad!

 The police car leads the way!  The boys are rounding the corner to come down the hill.

 Brad is in the lead!

Look at all of those runners!
I tried to get a picture of Wyatt but my camera isn't fast enough.  So I'm glad we got him on the video.

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Life Happens said...

Go Hambrick boys!! What a great accomplishment for them.

I love how the guy totally got his big head in front of your shot. At least you were still able to shoot Wyatt when he came through.