Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trip to the Fire Station

Travis' class had another field trip to the fire station.  We all walked a block from the school to probably the oldest station in town.  Because it's in the heart of down town, it has been an operating station for a REALLY long time.

We met in their common room to talk to the firemen.
This fireman asked if anyone could demonstrate what you do if you are on fire.  Tanner jumped up and volunteered.

 As you can see, Tanner knew exactly what to do if he were on fire - STOP, DROP & ROLL.

This next part took another volunteer.  Ethan decided he wouldn't mind being a fireman for the day.  They let him put on his own fire gear.
It was a contest to see who could get dressed faster - Ethan or the real fireman.  They ended about the same time.

 Of course the real fireman reflected a lot of light in the camera.  But Ethan was quite excited to put on the coat, pants AND boots like a real fireman.

 Travis checks out the inside of the fire engine.

 (It was a nasty, rainy day - that is why Travis is wearing his lovely snow boots with his shorts.)

 Travis' class
Aidan, Travis, Cohen, Brady, Lucas, Tanner, (Tanner's cousin), Ethan
not shown, Cody

As we were looking at the truck and ambulance, the guys got a call.  They hopped in the ambulance and headed out.  Thank goodness they didn't turn their sirens on until they were in the street.
Here they are turning on the lights and pulling out.

Travis said that his favorite part of the trip was watching the fireman slide down the pole.  Travis has now decided that he wants to be a fireman - so he can also slide down poles.

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