Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Camp Tuckahoe

I attended a BSA sponsored National Camp School a couple of weeks ago.  It was held at Camp Tuckahoe in Dillsburg PA.  While there I learned that it is the closest Boy Scout camp to Gettysburg - so it is quite popular among BS Troops to visit.

The camp was pretty impressive!  I would say this is probably in the center of camp.  It's a star memorial that has all of the flags surrounding it.  It's my guess that the flags are for all councils in the Northeast Region.

These signs were in the dining hall.  I really appreciated representation for all steps of  Cub Scouting.
 Arrow of Light

 Webelos rank - age 10

 Bear rank - age 9

 Wolf rank - age 8

 Bobcat rank - earned when scouting career begins

 Tiger rank - the LDS church does not recognize Tigers in the Cub program sponsored through the church

 One of the cool totems found outside the castle.

This is the coolest part about the camp... Cub Scout World!!!
Not only does this camp cater to Boy Scouts but also Cubs!!!  There is a castle, a fort, a treehouse, etc, etc.  The Cubs have their own archery and BB range.  It's so cool!

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