Friday, July 1, 2011

Getting Old

I had my annual appointment with the eye doctor the other day.  The good thing is that prescription in my right eye hasn't changed.  My left eye's prescription had to be strengthened a bit and now matches the right eye.  BUT I have some bad news too!

The doctor asked how my vision had been going.  I admitted that it was taking longer for my eyes to focus when I look up from reading or working on the computer.  All he said was, "Hmmm..."  Not a good sign!

He did some tests and confirmed that both eyes were taking a smidge longer than they should to focus.  Doh! I asked what the cause was.  The first part of his answer was that I wore my contacts too much.  He suggested that I take them out earlier in the evenings and wear my glasses to give my eyes a bit of a rest.  The second part of his answer was that AGE was the cause.  Yup!  I think he told me I was getting old!

I think the scariest part is that it's only going to get worse as the years go on!  Ugh!  Perhaps I should really look into Lasik!

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teresa said...

I'll never forget the time that a doctor told me "Well, you're no spring chicken anymore...." !