Monday, September 19, 2011

Student Again?

What have I been doing lately?  Studying my buns off!!!  

I am hoping to be accepted into the Career Switch program offered by the Virginia Department of Education.  But to even apply I have to pass 2 tests.  One of the tests is for ready and writing.  And the second is in the area in which you wish to teach.  So for me, it's Biology.  (I would rather teach horticulture, but in order to do that, it's a different test and I can't go down that road until I have my license anyway.)

Now I don't know about you, but I figured I know how to read and write, so I should be fine on the VCLA (reading & writing test).  I figured it would be something like our boring standardized tests used to be: read a really dull and incomprehensible passage and answer questions.  And when you're done with that you have a couple of essays.  Well it's not any different than my preconceived idea, but I had forgotten about the official writing format.  So now I have to review on the correct way to write an essay.  Boo!

The Biology test has been a whole different experience.  I got a study guide because I thought it might help out.  You know?  Study guides are given to be a guide while studying???  Yeah right!  Let's just say I'll be taking that test again and I need to find some better study material!

Anyway...  The point of all of this is that hopefully I'll be in the course soon so that I can teach high school biology.  It will be quite an adventure - especially since I have to use my brain again!!!

Wish me luck!

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J, K and L said...

you will be an AWESOME teacher. i mean it. good luck, lady. (and if it's any consolation, i didn't think the praxis was that least, for me, compared to other tests i've taken.)