Monday, September 19, 2011

Making room for Food Storage

So after my last post, this post might make a little sense.  Thankfully Jake and I are on the same page about preparing our family for times to come.  Of course I now think of it as a project/adventure and want to do it all NOW.  But alas, money doesn't grow on trees and Rome wasn't built in a day, so I have to pace our progress.

To begin our quest to be more prepared we cleaned out our storage room.  -It makes me laugh that we still have a box of text books that neither of us has looked at since we graduated!!!  But who knows?  We may need them one day.  (Actually they'll be in the 'get rid of' bin the next time we purge.)-  We decided that we still had some room so we'd build some more shelves for our slowly growing food storage.

 Here is a pic of the new shelves.  
We started this project last Monday and finished it on Saturday.  (Not that we worked all week on it!  It was just those 2 days that we had pockets of time!)  I didn't want a lot of wasted space, so we planned for each shelf's duties.  From the floor to the bottom shelf is enough room for 5-gal buckets.  And you see that the next level is for cereals and other larger items.  The next 2 levels are for #10 cans or other stuff until it's full of cans.  Yes, I could put them in cardboard boxes and stack them up, but honestly I won't pay attention to what is what and it likely won't get used!  And the top few levels will be for canned goods.  

It seems a little crazy to put canned goods so high, but I plan to invest in a nice foot stool/step ladder that will allow easy access.  And this week our "preparedness investment" will go to can rolly thingies.  Now you may be wondering what a Can Rolly Thingy is...  (by the way, that's the technical term).  The picture above gives you an idea of what I'm talking about.  These are really called pantry organizers, but I like my name better.  They are made of cardboard and much more cost effective than some of the other big contraptions.

To order your own Can Roly Thingies, visit

 As needed we will build closer shelves within this big area.

Little by little we will fill those shelves with food that we will use all the time, but enough to get us through a long stretch should we need it.

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