Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting My Pinterest On

What do you do after nearly 500 posts on Pinterest?  
You finally start making some of the cute things you've posted.

I decided to make some cute matching skirts for Maddie and Makenzie with a coordinating tie for Ian.  I have to admit that they're quite cute.  Do they fit?  I dunno.  I would image Maddie's will fit because I made it to fit Travis and they're pretty comparable in size.  It was a bit tough to figure out how small to make a skirt for a newborn.  And once I got to hold Makenzie, I realized I might have made it a bit too big.  And I'm not sure that elastic is the best idea for these ties... It's much smarter to make a velcro strip so that it can be adjusted.

So I've learned a lot that will help make my next batch of cuteness go much smoother.

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