Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hiking up at Skyline

Today was the last day of Spring Break for the kids.  Amber was able to get the day off so we decided to load up the Suburban and head out into nature.  We packed the largest cooler on the planet with drinks and our lunches.  Although it was 65 degrees down in town, by the time we got up to the visitor's center it was a windy 59 degrees.  It was a good thing we all layered.

We decided on a fairly easy little nature walk that was plotted to take an hour and 15 minutes, so it was doable for Travis' little legs.  We ended up doing the loop in about 50 minutes.  Not bad!  And Travis didn't start to complain until we were in the last 20 yards or so!
 Notice the mill stone there...  The boys (Brad, Wyatt, Travis and Johnathan) were ahead of us and they hollered at us excited that they found something.

 The green color along the trail was so vibrant.  I love new leaf green!

 The saddest part is a little to the left and on the other side of that ridge was a forest fire.  It's been so dry this spring that we've already had fire warnings.  That's not a really good way to kick off the season!

Wissa & Tiv at our picnic area.

We had a really good time.  It would be so nice if we could plan family hikes at least once a month.  It was nice to be out in nature with friends and family.  

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