Friday, June 22, 2012

Hanging with Cousins

Brad had a tournament in Harrisonburg June 9 & 10.  He played in 2 games on that Saturday.  They won the first game - though it was a really close and very competitive game.  The second nearly gave me a nervous breakdown because they decided to put Brad in to pitch for a couple of innings.  Now mind you, I hadn't seen Brad pitch in a few seasons.  I was expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised.  He did really well and should be handy as a back-up pitcher.
In the last inning our team was down by a run.  We were last to bat and hoping for the best.  There were 2 outs and bases were loaded.  Brad was on 3rd and somehow ended up in a pickle.  As he was running from home to 3rd to home and back again, we're all screaming and yelling.  All I can say is it's a good thing Brad is fast!!!  He got down into a slide into 3rd and the catcher threw the ball to the 3rd baseman.  The throw was over the 3rd baseman's head and Brad popped up and ran home.  He made the tying run!
Next his teammate Kody got up to the plate.  It was a magnificent hit between the fringe and outfield.  The boys hauled tail and made 2 runs.  We won the game!!!!
The boys went on to win their games on Sunday too, so we won the tournament!
Go Rebels!!!

Anyway, after the games on Saturday the boys and I kept going south to Mom and Dad's.  We figured we'd spend a few days with cousins and have a good time.

Monday was a rainy and somewhat dreary day.  The boys were bummed because we were going to go to the pool.  Instead we all decided to head to the mall where there is an inflatable place.  The kids ran and bounced for a few hours and wore themselves out!

 Ian looks on as Travis falls off of a cow.

 Ian assaults the bull.
 Travis "hides" in the doghouse.
 Notice the sweaty nastiness???  Brad and Wyatt decided to take a breather and talk to Kenzie.  
Wyatt got Kenzie talking back to him when he'd talk jibberish.

The kids had a good time.  They were stinky and gross afterward, but at least they had some fun.  Since there was no swimming that trip, the boys have asked that we make another trip down after vacation.  I think we can work that out!

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