Friday, June 22, 2012

Today's Project

So I'm not quite sure why I decided to start sewing so much, but I love that I can make a skirt in only a couple of hours and add to my wardrobe. 

This is my project for today.  We're leaving for OBX on Sunday and will have a family picture made while there.  The chosen colors were navy, green, khaki and white.  So when I saw this fabric, I figured I'd make a skirt that I could use for the picture.  The bonus is that I can wear it for school too.

To be honest, A-line skirts have scared me so I never attempted them.  Then I remembered I have an A-line skirt in my closet that I could use as a pattern.  That made everything so much easier!!!

I think I may add a white inner skirt for an extra layer.  We'll see how I feel later this evening.

Check out that button and zipper work!!!  I had never done a visible zipper before.  I like it so much more than an invisible one!  And I am just realizing (while looking at the picture) that I'm a dufus and should have let the extra flap on the waistband go on the inside.  It should have the buttons sewn to it and the holes on the outer waistband.  Oh well!  It still works.  

The buttons are so cute with little anchors on them.  Love it!

 Do you like Travis' photography skills?  
I'm almost thinking I should hem it a little more.  I'm not quite sure.

Here are some more projects I've been working on...
 bonnet for trek

 skirt for Easter
 wide waistband (above)
invisible zipper (below)

A big thanks goes out to Pinterest where I find lots of tutorials to feed my creative side.


J, K, and L said...

Shan, you are so thin! You look awesome. P.S. Please teach me how to sew...and make cool skirts like this too. The end.

Shanan said...

Pinterest is awesome and makes things so easy. Well, and I can't discredit youtube!!!