Saturday, June 23, 2012

To the ball fields again...

This past weekend was spent in Stuarts Draft VA.  It was a strange tournament, but it gave the boys more playing time.  They had a game Friday night and then 2 more on Saturday evening.

The team got their new uniforms for these games.  Wyatt was a little bummed that we didn't order him a jersey (because they were so expensive).  So I thought to contact my good friend that has a vinyl cutter and asked if she had any white iron-on vinyl.  Luckily she did.  I texted her a picture of the uniform and she matched the font as well as she could.  I got the red quick dry shirts at Walmart and ironed on the Winchester Rebels.  

Now the 2 boys can support their brother at the games while sporting the team name.  I got lucky and can wear Brad's uniform.  So when he's wearing the white uniform, I can wear the red one, and vice versa.

Again, Go Rebels!!!

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