Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Big Storm

The Big Storm blew through VA while we were at the beach.  Thankfully our neighbors checked on the house right after everything blew through and let us know that no trees were down.  We got lucky because there were a few trees behind the house that probably should have blown over.  So after inviting Mom and Dad, Jess and the kids up since they were out of power, Dad and Jake had a project.

You can see this tree with the rope in it.  Dad was in the top making a cut and Jake and I tried to pull the top out.  Unfortunately it was stubborn and wouldn't come down.  So they tried something else...

Below is a picture of the truck.  Dad put his truck in the backyard to wench the tree down.  Unfortunately the dew was still on the ground allowing the truck to slip down the hill.  Dad came within a couple of inches of hitting the deck.  This picture kind of makes it look like the truck DID hit the deck.

The white streak through the middle of the photo is the railing to the deck.  It was bright enough that the light bounced off making it look white.

So now our dead and worrisome trees are down.  We'll have some nice firewood for the fire ring - and it'll smell good too since it's all pine.

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