Friday, July 13, 2012

Waynesboro Tournament

We dodged one hot weekend by being at the beach while the rest of the team suffered on the field in intense heat.  But we still had to face a scorcher the following weekend.  The first game was Friday evening.  It was hot and everyone was sweaty, but at least the sun wasn't out.

Brad pitched 3 of the 4 innings that night.  Our boys did really well batting and the final score ended up being 11-1.  Brad's pitching earned him the game ball as MVP.  He was quite proud of it.

The next game was on Saturday at noon.  Yikes!  We had canopies and water bottles everywhere.  The boys struggled against the heat as we went through 3 pitchers in 4 innings.  The good thing was we didn't struggle as much as the other team.  The 3rd inning proved a really good one for us when we scored 9 of our 11 runs.  We won again 11-8.

The rest of the team went on to play on Sunday at 2pm.  We didn't get any details but know they lost.  It was another really hot day which is taxing when you're on an open baseball field!

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