Saturday, July 14, 2012

Starting Over... with Baseball

Travis has begun his first season of t-ball.  I'm not going to lie, it's difficult to go from watching Brad's games to slowing down to t-ball pace.  Thankfully the games are only an hour and it gives the boys (and some girls) the opportunity to learn a little more about the game - kind of.

Notice the brilliant color choice for a summer team's jersey.  We didn't get very lucky in that department.  But Travis doesn't seem to mind.

 Waiting to go up to bat.  Travis' jersey number is 1, so he's first at bat.

 On first base.

 There he is again, playing short stop.  Too bad he didn't get much action.  In fact, unless you play pitcher, 1st base or catcher you likely don't have a chance of touching the ball.

 Getting down to business...  Travis has his batting gloves on and is ready to hit the ball hard.

He slides into home.  Can you tell he watches his brother play and wants to be a "big kid" too??? :)

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