Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just Beachin'

These are pics that Amy took.  They're just a bunch of randoms that kind of recap some of the activities on the shore.

 Brad ready to biff it!  Cliff actually tried to skim board.  Amy and laughed really hard because when he fell it was as if it were in slow motion.  I doubt he'll ever hop on a board again!

 PawPaw and Charlotte flying a kite.

 Cliff got a "really good deal" on this boat.  It came in rather handy though since Charlotte didn't like to go out in the water.  We filled it up and the kids used it like a little pool.  It was quite the attraction for little folks.  It's too bad it wasn't bigger to allow lots of friends to join in.
(And I'm sitting all wonky because I was trying to get the sides of my legs some sun rather than just the tops of them!)

 Brad and Wyatt became quite the crab catchers.  In fact, they've asked that we take a 5-gallon bucket and some shovels next year.  I think they're done with the sand toys now.  They're more into digging sand crabs that scurry all over when they try to escape!

 Derek, Amy and Juliette

 Aaron - and he'll probably kill me for putting this on the blog

 Lulu.  The boys call her Baby Bird.

Lu checking out the little crab in the bucket.

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Life Happens said...

Such fun pictures!! I was wondering why you were sitting so funny. Ha! You look amazing!