Monday, July 2, 2012

Waffle Ball

We left the house on Sunday morning at 5am.  Mapquest told us it would take 6 hours to get to Corolla NC and we wanted plenty of time to explore and play before we could get into the house.  We were in Corolla by 10:15am.  Luckily we only had to stop once along the way.  It was a quick and painless trip.

We got some pizza at a little joint not far from our house for lunch.  Then we all changed into our suits in the outdoor shower at the house (which is the best outdoor shower I've ever been in and now I want to build one on our back deck!)  We walked a million miles, but had a lot of fun in the sand and surf.

Clif, Teresa, Aaron, Amy, Derek and the girls all arrived around 5pm or so.  After a quick dinner we headed out to the beach for a game of Waffle Ball.  (No I didn't misspell it... Since I was a kid we've called it "Waffle".)

 Brad and Travis

 Neena (aka Nana), Juliette and Charlotte

The boys!

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Life Happens said...

The first thing we did when we got down there to kill time was collect seashells (while we waited to check into th beach house).

The trip down is always faster than the drive back.