Friday, October 19, 2012

James Potter series

I love Harry Potter.  When I finally decided to start reading the books there were already 5 of them out.  I was lucky that I could have a reading marathon to catch up.  They were awesome!  I couldn't wait for # 6 and then later #7 to come out.  JK Rowling couldn't write fast enough.  I was so sad when the series was over.  I have since revisited the whole series (minus #4 The Goblet of Fire since I really don't like that one) twice.  

It was a HUGE surprise to me to stumble across a new series, thanks to Pinterest.  When I saw the title, James Potter I immediately thought of Harry's father.  So I read up on the reviews to see what it was about.   The author, G. Norman Lippert decided to write these books because his wife and daughter were so sad when the Harry Potter story was over.  Mr. Lippert decided to create this series of fan-fiction.  The surprise to me is that these books are based on Harry's son James, not his father.  (Remember James leaving for Hogwarts at the end of book 7?  This series begins there!)

I scoured the internet trying to find these books to purchase.  I immediately started with Amazon and knew something was up when I couldn't find them there.  It ends up that there was a lawsuit against Mr. Lippert.  I don't know details but I'm pretty sure it had everything to do with the Harry Potter name.  So lucky for us we can't buy these - instead you can upload them to your Nook or Kindle for FREE!!!  

If you're interested, then visit this site to download your copies of The Hall of Elders Crossing, The Curse of the Gatekeeper and The Vault of Destinies.

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