Thursday, October 18, 2012


Now that the boys are getting older, they don't want to run to the store with me and would rather stay home (which I can't argue)!  I felt really uncomfortable leaving them without a phone though.  So most of the time I'd leave my phone so they could call a neighbor or close friend or Jake.  But when I did that I felt handicapped since I didn't have a way to communicate with them.  It was very difficult!

Once school started and I began subbing a lot I decided it was time to add a line for Brad.  (How fortunate for him that he's a 6th grader with a cell phone!)  Lucky for me, since the iPhone 5 just came out I was able to get an iPhone 4 for FREE.  Brad inherited my junky old phone and I got an iPhone.  

I LOVE my phone.  I know it sounds cheesy and materialistic, but I REALLY like my phone.  To be honest I don't hop on Facebook or even check my email much, but I love the features and capabilities that this phone has.  I think I made a pretty good decision. :)

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