Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stormin' Mormons

I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of football... until this year!  It helps that I have 2 sons playing rec ball and that a couple of boys from church that I'd claim as my sons play for the high school.  I have missed only 1 of Brad's games and 1 Millbrook game this season.  I can get pretty rowdy and love to cheer for my boys!

There are 3 boys (2 from Berryville ward and 1 from Winchester ward) on the Millbrook team.  Parents and friends from the ward tend to sit together, which makes for a noisy crowd when any of the boys make a play.  Early in the season the cheerleaders coined the 3 the Stormin' Mormons.  They have been making signs like these to hang at every home game.

A few of us were talking and I decided to design a t-shirt that we can wear to support our boys.  This is what we're looking at...

I found it interesting that Sister Ann Dibb of the General YW Presidency talked of a shirt that a young woman wore that said, "I'm a Mormon, are you?"  Then Sister Dibb asked what our shirt might say.  Immediately I replied, "Stormin' Mormons!"  We look forward to wearing these with pride.  There will be 38 shirts on our fans at homecoming this week.  Not only does this help support our boys, but it is also a missionary tool.

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