Monday, October 15, 2012

Trek Reunion

The stake organized a Trek Reunion where we were able to listen to some of the youth share in the lessons they learned from the experience.  We also watched a video that was put together of the weekend.  And lastly we were able to meet some of our kids' parents and share hugs and well-wishes.

Our kids are so awesome!!!  Unfortunately we were missing 2 of our boys.  But it was nice to share a little time with the rest of them.

We also did our cheer.  It was awesome!

I'm so grateful for my experience with trek.  While we were mingling President Bartlett (our stake president) came up and shook our hands and thanked us for our service.  Jake answered, "Anytime."  President Bartlett grinned and said, "I'll keep that in mind."  I don't think it'll mean we'll go as Ma and Pa again, but perhaps our services can be rendered in other aspects of the next trek.

To learn more about our experience as pioneers scroll back to July.  

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