Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heritage High School - 1995

Here's a blast from the past!  I'm having a hard time believing that this June will mark 18 years since my high school graduation.  I don't feel old enough for that to be the case!  Yet I have a child in middle school, so it should be that long ago since I finished high school! :)

On my right side is Heather (Woody) Snead.  She is married and has 2 little boys.  They live in Richmond and seem quite happy.  On my left side is Cindy (Crooker) Pratt.  Cindy is married and has 4 children.  They also live in Richmond.

It's been fun to keep in touch (thanks to Facebook) and see how we've all matured and grown into motherhood.  I'm hoping to be able to see these ladies again - perhaps the 20-year reunion!!!

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