Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rank Advancement

 Brad is quite lucky that his birthday is in May.  This allowed him to turn 11 before Scout Camp last year.  This gave him the opportunity to attend and get a jump on rank advancement.  Despite the fact that 11-year olds can only attend camp during the day (they can't stay overnight), and he was the only boy from our troop to attend, he had a blast.

Because he went to camp he was able to take part in the Frontier Program.  This program puts the boys on the right path to earn the rank of Tenderfoot and start moving into 2nd Class.  Brad was just awarded the 2nd Class rank last week and should finish the requirements for 1st Class this weekend.

Tenderfoot Rank

2nd Class Rank

Brad skipped right over ever wearing the top patch and will sew the 2nd Class badge on his uniform soon.  

We sat down for Brad to choose what Merit Badges he would do at Scout Camp this summer, as well as what ones he wanted to complete to be able to make Star.  His goal is to be Star by the time he heads to camp. I'm quite proud of him because he's made these decisions and has contacted people to help him accomplish this.  It's pretty cool to see him take ownership and work toward his goals.


Life Happens said...

Go Brad! That's awesome!

teresa said...

That's awesome Brad! I'm proud that you are taking responsbility of getting things in order for your advancement! Very proud of you!