Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nevada, Arizona and Utah

My last year at BYU was a good one!  Most of my classes related to my major, which was so fun.  I loved my job and coworkers.  I felt like I had found my niche.

I stayed in Utah the summer before my last year of school.  I would go in to work at 6am, and clock out at 2pm.  This was to spare us the heat.  Most afternoons were spent at the pool or somewhere else outside though.  I also took a couple of trips that summer.  I hit Las Vegas a few times since Derek & Shannon (my uncle and aunt) lived there, and it was a fun place.  And a group of us went to Phoenix because we could.

 Here is me and Danielle in Vegas.  Notice how stinkin' tan I was????  I don't recall much about this trip, but I do know that we ran out of gas on our way into Vegas from Provo.  Of course that was before cell phones, so we had to trust a trucker to get us to a gas station to call Derek to come get us.  

Again, Danielle and me.  Here we're looking over the Grand Canyon.  This was on our way back from Phoenix where we visited Neil and Bettye (my uncle and aunt) and went to a spring training game.  (Obviously this was in the spring!)

This is me and Kalyn.  Kalyn worked for a guy that had his own landscape company.  He invited her (and friends) to his lake house one weekend.  He also took his sons and their friends.  It was a lot of fun!  This is at Strawberry Reservoir in Utah.  It was a good time.

I'm going to have to dig around and see what other goodies I can find to remind me of the fun I had back in the day!

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Life Happens said...

Love seeing all these 'younger' Shanan pictures. :)