Friday, May 10, 2013

Bloomin' Mile

Every year, on the first weekend of May, Winchester celebrates The Apple Blossom Festival.  There is no school on that Friday so people can get their bloom on.  Brad and Wyatt ran in the Bloomin' Mile this year.  Apparently there was a computer glitch so registration went longer and they got started late.  That was a bit of a bummer since it likely altered Brad's time a bit.  To remedy the problem the had both boys AND girls run together in his and Wyatt's age group (10 & 11).  Not good!  Brad said there was a group of slow girls in front of him that he couldn't get around.  His good buddy, Chris finished before him - and Brad can outrun him on the mile any other day of the week!

Both boys improved their times from 2 years ago when they ran it.
The times are reflected for the 10 & 11 age group only.  There were 364 total runners in this group.

Brad  6:37
10th among boys and 15th overall 

Wyatt  7:23
46th among boys and 63rd overall

I think they both did excellent.  I reminded Brad that these kinds of races are just practice for "real" competitions.  He's looking forward to running cross country this coming school year. 

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