Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm a Rugged Maniac

Let me begin by saying that I WAS NOT a runner before this crazy race.  I figured a 5K was doable and mud made it more fun.  Plus there were 14 of us in our group that ran around together!  And we wore tutus!

Most of us registered for the Rugged Maniac in Petersburg VA in February.  Kim and I knew it was coming and our P90X regime came in handy on the obstacles.  We also began the Couch to a 5K program using an app on our phones.

May 4th came and it was only about 65 degrees and overcast.  We knew we'd get wet so there was concern about being too cold.  Not a problem!  We didn't even notice until the end.

Our heat began at 1:30pm.  Our group of 14 finished in about 1 hour 45 minutes.  There were others from our ward that were technically in our group, but they ran ahead and did really well.  We were a bunch of crazy, mud-loving loafers along for the fun.

I wish I had a before picture.  We have plenty around, but they're all being used to make a video, so I had to use these dirty ones! :)

The last barbed wire crawl.  Notice my pained face?  That would be because 1) my elbows were killing me from the other 2 army crawls I did under barbed wire and 2) I was rolling because my elbows hurt.  (Since having kids, rolling makes me extremely dizzy and disoriented.)  Plus we had to lie low because our tutus would get hung up on the wire.

The big slide.  It was AWESOME, except I thought I was gonna ram into Kim and Amy.  Luckily I didn't.  Oh yeah, and the water coming off them was spraying on me.  Perhaps that helps define why I have this look on my face. 

The fire jump!  We joined hands and ran for it.  It was only while in midair that I panicked hoping I went far enough to clear everything.  It was a lot wider than I had originally thought when I launched off the ground.  By the way, those tutus were once pink!

We did it!  Actually we already crossed the line and then went back for a dramatic team picture.  We're such divas!

That was one of the most fun things I've done in a long time.  Sure I had bumps and bruises all over and it took 2 days for my leg muscles to calm down, but it was all worth it!  And now because of the other girls (and since Brad is getting into running), I've decided to do more races.  In fact, there is a half marathon (yes, you read it correctly - that's 13.1 miles) in WV in October that runs through historical areas including Antietam.  A few of us maniacs are planning to train for it.  I've asked Brad if he wants to join me or do either the 5K or 10K.  He'll be very conditioned for either of those with cross country.  But I'm hoping I can get him to train with me this summer.    

Who would have thought I'd voluntarily run, especially since nobody is chasing me with a knife???
Wish me luck on my new quest!

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