Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Old Pitching Pics

Brad tried out for All-Star ball again this spring.  This was his first year playing on the larger fields (50-70) so there were some adjustments to make.  He made the 11U team, which made us proud.  Unfortunately Winchester Baseball came out and said that he could only play if he gave 100%, meaning he would be there on Sundays too.  Obviously that wasn't going to happen so we figured we'd have no travel ball this summer.

About a week or 2 later we got a call from his coach from last summer.  He told us he heard about what happened.  He then said, "I understand Brad doesn't play on Sundays.  I want him on my team anyway!"  So he moved back down to the smaller fields (40-60) for this summer.  Do they have a great team?  Not so much.  The skill level is a bit lacking, but will improve through the season.

It's interesting that Brad only pitched the last game of regular season.  He didn't do half bad considering he  had a few more feet to burn through to cross the plate.  For summer ball, he is one of THE pitchers.  I know I've posted them before, but here are some good pics from last summer...

 I love that he makes a face when he winds up! 
All of these pics are from a tournament in Staunton VA.

Different game, same tournament... 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm very proud of Brad!  I love that he understands why he doesn't play ball on Sundays and he never complains about it.  I also love that he is setting an example for his brothers.  His coach asked me if he were ever on a team that made it to the World Series would we let him play on Sunday.  I told him probably not.  He said, "That is awesome that you stick to your standards!"  Brad is being a missionary without even realizing it!

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