Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Loudoun Street Mile

Memorial Day means Loudoun Street Mile.  
It was the second time Brad and Wyatt ran this race.  (The first time was in 2011.)

Wyatt ran in the boy's wave, but since Brad turned 12 he had to enter the men's wave.  I intentionally entered Brad into the slow group (over 6 minute mile) hoping he'd be at the front of the pack and demolish his old mile time.  But obviously he wasn't feeling right (see last post).

Wyatt kicked butt and came in #13 in all boys running (up to 11 years old).  There were 90 boys that ran that day.  His time was 6:55.  Funny because he's not far from Brad's times from 2 years ago (6:42.7)!!!

Brad did really well considering he jumped up to the men's category.  He came in #94 out of all men (166) and finished with a time of 6:17.

After the race we went home and I needed to get a run in so I had Brad go with me.  He kicked my butt!  We ran a 5K route that I mapped out in the neighborhood.  I tried not to be slow because he normally would have run ahead but didn't know the route.  So we finished with an average of a 9 minute mile.  That's a minute faster than I usually run.  It was a killer!  And of course Brad wasn't even out of breath and probably could've gone another mile or 2.

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