Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chest Pain

On Memorial Day, Brad and Wyatt ran in another mile race.  Wyatt ran first and when he got done he complained of his throat being really dry and hurting.  He got something to drink and then we didn't hear about it again.  Brad's wave was next.  I noticed he wasn't up to his normal speed - not that he was slow at all!  When he was done he complained of his throat hurting too.  But his complaining didn't stop after a drink.  He continued to comment that his throat hurt and that his chest was starting to hurt through the day.

On Tuesday morning he seemed sick and without much energy.  Still complaining of his throat and chest, we kept him home from school.  Unfortunately he had to play in his baseball game that night because we only had 1 extra boy.  Let's just say he wasn't fast at all and coach was worried and benched him. 

Wednesday morning he woke up now just complaining of his chest.  He described it and to me it sounded like indigestion or acid reflux with sharper pains.  I took him to the new urgent care facility where they hooked him up to the fun machine above.  They couldn't find anything but since it was a chest issue, they sent him to a cardiologist.  

Ends up the cardiologist didn't find anything after an EKG and ultrasound.  He cleared Brad to go back to school and sports.  So after being out of school Monday for the holiday and 3 more days for chest pains, he went back to school on Friday.

Glad nothing was wrong.  And to be honest I wasn't really worried since there were no previous indicators to a problem.  My theory was not to worry until there was a reason to.  Thankfully he's healthy and can play ball and run this summer.  

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