Sunday, July 7, 2013

Broken Arm

We've experienced stitches and head injuries, but no broken bones... until now.

Brad's team, Winchester Revolution, played in the district tournament this weekend (7/5-7/6).  There were only 2 teams involved, so it was straight forward: best out of 3 games.  Needless to say, we didn't win and won't be moving on to the state tournament next weekend.

The game wasn't looking so great in our first game.  Patience was low and frustration was high among players AND parents.  So when a ball was hit to left field, Brad (who was playing short stop) ran back to make the play.  In hindsight, he should've just let the left fielder take care of things because they collided.  Communication is key in any sport, but especially if you have a few peeps going after the same fly ball.  The collision ended with the left fielder's knee coming down on Brad's wrist.

Now I'm not going to lie, my boys are weenies when it comes to pain.  But this wasn't the normal "I'm dying" type of writhing that comes from petty injuries.  This was different and I guess instinctively I knew that.  So me and my mom self jumped up and started running toward Brad - in left field.  While I was running, I was also yelling at any adult - ump or coach - to head down and take care of Brad.  But the ball was still in play so there wasn't a big response.  Thankfully another dad that helps with the team quickly made his way to him.  I believe both Randy and I were on the field before the play was over.  Good thing we weren't penalized for that because the game was horrendous enough without me causing problems.

Brad stayed through the rest of the game (we were in Amissville VA) though the coach had to wrap his wrist.  A few of the coaches and parents recommended we wait until morning and if it was still swelling to take him to Urgent Care or something.  Sure enough, he woke up in more pain than he had been the night before so Jake took him in to have it looked at.

Brad said that Jake told him while they were waiting, "If it's not broken, you owe me $25."  I don't think any of us really thought it was broken, but we wanted to be sure he didn't make it worse if it was sprained.  Brad said that the doctor looked at it and commented on the swelling and said he'd be surprised if it weren't broken.  Sure enough, xrays showed a fracture.

So we are to visit the orthopedist sometime this week.  Brad and Jake left for scout camp.  They had to change Brad from canoeing to leather working since there was no way he could flip a canoe and climb back in this week.  Oh well, he has canoeing to look forward to next year!!!

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teresa said...

So sorry that this happened....and such bad timing too! with Scout Camp the next week!