Sunday, July 7, 2013

OBX 2013

These are the few pics I took while at the beach this year.  I'm so grateful that Jess is my sis-in-law since she's the photographer of the family.  I'll be stealing shots from her blog as she posts them. :)

The evening that we decided on family pictures was kinda chilly.  We weren't out very long.  And while we waited for our family's turn, the boys bumped the volleyball around.

This was the pic I took as soon as we got out on the sand the 1st day we arrived.  We left Winchester at 4:30am and got to Corolla around 10:00am.  We had a full day to catch some rays and dig in the sand.

For whatever reason, Travis enjoyed leaning against this horse statue.  I just thought it was funny that it was the horse's rump!

Jake couldn't find his VT cap so he nabbed my visor.  I'm not sure he's much of a visor kind of guy.

Travis digging.  Since it was quite chilly the whole week, the kids did a LOT of digging.  And the best part was, we never heard any complaints.  They were all (Clay & Jess' kids included) very content to dig, dig, dig.

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