Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Damper on Summer

 Thanks to the Urgent Care doctors, hopes were high that a soft cast was all that was needed for approximately 3 weeks.  NOT!  I guess that's why UC refers you to a specialist!!!  Brad met with the orthopedist today and got some bad news...  A stiff cast was necessary, for about 5 weeks.  

So baseball is over for the summer, and swimming is not going to be a plentiful!  Thank goodness we've already been on vacation.  Archery might pose a bit of a challenge for the rest of Scout Camp this week too.

Look at how white that lining is!  Too bad it won't be that way for long - especially sweating at camp.  Ew!

He told them he wanted an orange cast, but the PA said that it wasn't a very bright orange.  So he decided on blue so it could match the team's uniforms.  Yes, he still plans to support his team and go to as many practices and games as he can.

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