Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Beach

There is a huge drawback to going to the beach in the middle of June - the water is cold.  I'm not quite sure how Wyatt could tolerate playing in the water so much.  Of course there were times when we had to make him come out due to bad currents and choppy waters.  Needless to say the lifeguards were quite busy the week we were there.

The little guys would hover where the tide crested.  They would dig and dig only for the holes to fill with water and sand.  Then they would start again.

Grandpa joins in the dig to China.

We took our trusty boat so that we could put a little water in it and Kenzie could use it as a little pool.  But I think Ian and Travis got more use out of it than she did.  Unfortunately we had to lay the boat to rest as it developed a few holes by week's end.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with 4 kids being wild and crazy together in it in the pool!

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