Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This year's Christmas was very different from our normal traditions.  We decided to stay home instead of share the holidays with family in Lynchburg or Roanoke.  And despite how different it was, it was quite enjoyable. 
Normally on Christmas Eve we'd wait until the evening and then head to Granny & PawPaw Myers' house for dinner and gifts.  It's always been one of my favorite traditions as we get to see family that we only have the opportunity to visit with at Christmas time.  But this year we were asked to join in the Pearson's tradition.  Frank & Amber were empty nesters for Christmas this year (Alyssa is in Chicago on her mission and Johnathan was in Colorado with their bishop's family), so they asked us to join them at the movies and then for Chinese. 
We went to the mall where it proceeded to flurry a bit before the movie.  We watched The Hobbit 2, which was awesome.  Being a LONG movie we weren't sure if Travis could sit that long.  He was a champ and didn't complain at all (of course he was at the end of the row where Jake and I couldn't hear him too!)  Afterward we picked up Pam (a sister in their ward that doesn't have any family around here) and got some Chinese.  While watching A Christmas Story we opened our Christmas Eve gifts (another new tradition) of new PJs.
On Christmas morning, Jake got up at the crack of dawn and texted Frank & Amber.  We figured since they didn't have kids at home they might want to join us for kid craziness.  And they did.  They let us know when they were on their way and we woke the boys up.  (I don't know that we've ever had a Christmas morning where the boys woke up first.  I believe Jake has awakened them every year!!!)
The boys were told to wait on the steps while the Pearson's gifts were put around the tree.  It was so fun because we were all in our new PJs!!!
Travis went to the kitchen to see if Santa had eaten the cookies and the reindeer had eaten the carrots.  Sure enough there was evidence of the reindeer!  Travis still thinks it's crazy that sometimes the reindeer enter the house with Santa.  I told him the magic works for them too!!!!

The boys were pleased with their gifts.  The bean chairs that they're sitting in were for Wyatt and Travis from Pearsons.  Brad got a small tent that he can take backpacking.  It wasn't long before he was in the basement putting the tent up to see how big it really was.
 After all of the gift opening and thank yous, Frank and Amber went home to change and get things for the afternoon.  We all showered and cleaned up a bit.  The Skype appointment with Alyssa was at 11am.  While waiting the boys were busy setting up their Kindles.  And Travis was checking out all of the apps on his Kurio.
We spent the rest of the day eating and hanging out and watching Alaska; the Last Frontier (they had a marathon all day.)  It was such a change from the norm, but it was very enjoyable.  The next morning we headed down to visit family and really enjoyed that time too.

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