Monday, January 20, 2014


Lately our family has been on a preparedness kick.  In our Stake Conference last fall (2013), the Stake President strongly urged us to have a year's supply of food.  We took his counsel seriously and have been trying to put things in order for our family in many aspects of preparedness.  One of the first things we did was purchase a pressure canner.  And I am so grateful we did!!!
Mom was able to order me 20 lbs of ground beef.  So when we were visiting for Christmas she and I canned it all.  It was both of our first time doing ground beef and it turned out really good!  I added beef broth to the already cooked ground beef and then popped the jars in the pressure canner and let it do its magic.

I recently got a really good deal on chicken.  There are a couple of people in the ward that want to learn how to can meat, so I'll have them over later in the month to show them how easy it can be.
I think I'm a little crazy because when I think of using our food supply and other preparedness items  I envision living as the pioneers did.  So in my mind it's like one big camping trip!  And I believe our kids think of it that way too.  And perhaps that's why I'm not overwhelmed as we start pulling things together. 
Jake spearheaded this next little activity.  For the last few months I've been saving our dryer lint so that we could make firestarters.  So for Family Home Evening Jake decided it was time to get crackin'.

 Wyatt helped Jake melt the wax and dip the lint in the wax.
 Brad and Travis put lint in the egg carton divots and toilet paper rolls.
And here are our firestarters.  Here are the materials we used to make them.
Egg Carton
Dental Floss
Parafin Wax
Cut the egg carton to individualize each divot.  Put a ball of lint into each divot.  Fold over parts of the carton to cover the lint and then tie the dental floss around the carton to secure it.  Then cover the lint-filled carton into parafin wax and let dry on a piece of wax paper.
So there ya have it, firestarters. 

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